Erich Forler - Founder

After working for 20 years in Ottawa-based technology companies such as Corel, Linmor and Xandros, Bectin's founder, Erich Forler, went looking for a new opportunity that allowed him to move away from developing new technology to putting established technology to work. That search led him to start Bectin and to put his efforts into helping small companies to grow with better marketing built on the best available Web solutions.

Bectin's products and services harness reliable technologies and put them to work for our clients. Whether that means a Web site that brings in more business because it was optimised for better search results on Google (SEO), or an e-commerce engine that allows the client to service its customers more effectively, or a more interactive Web site that helps an organization build a more engaged community, Bectin makes it easy for our clients to make technology work for them.