How to Delete a profile in Google Analytics

Sometimes I find google's UI design is a little lacking in intuitiveness. If you want to remove a Web site from your analytics account, go to this page for the details. 

  1. Click Admin (upper right).
  2. Locate the Web site you want to remove and click on it. 
  3. Click the Account Settings tab.
  4. Click Delete this account (lower right). 
  5. Click Delete Account when prompted to confirm.


Maximum number of accounts in Google Analytics

It turns out that you can't set up more than 25 sites in your google Analytics account. You can view more sites than that, but any additional sites have to belong to another account. According to their support people, this is a performance issue and they are working on it. 

The workaround:

  1. Create a new google analytics account using a different e-mail address
  2. Create the new web site accounts in the new analytics account. 
  3. Add your main account as an administrator on the new Web site analytics. 

This issue limitation may have been removed now May 2014.

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