adsmanager - You do not have the right to write in all categories

I'm working on a customer's Joomla 2.5.28 system.
I've installed adsmanager 3.0.4 and created 4 categories.
The access read and access write permissions for each category are set to Registered.
I created a menu link to the Adsmanager Home.
Access to the menu is restricted to registered users only.

When I log into the site with my superadmin id I see the menu.
When I click on the menu, I see that Adsmanager home but I do not see the categories.
When I click on New Ad, I get the error "You do not have the right to write in all categories".

I changed the Access Read and Access Write permissions to include Super User and then I could see the categories and I could create articles.

My only question is why was I required to add Super Users. Shouldn't they have permission in all circumstances?

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