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To make a list of products as check-boxes with one global “add to cart” in Zen Cart
Zen Cart site goes to live site rather than test server
Zen Cart Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open ….
How to remove “New Products” and “All Products” from Zen Cart's Categories sidebox.
To remove “Filter Restults by” dropdown list on list of products page in Zen Cart
To change graphics location on list of products page in Zen Cart
To adjust the height of the header_bg.jpg header background of main page in Zen Cart
To Turn off right hand column in Zen Cart Template
How do I turn off the listing of categories that goes across the top of my page?
What directory should new images go in for Zen Cart
Where is the main CSS file in Zen Cart
To change a particular page such as Reviews, or Contacts in Zen Cart
How to remove entries from the Information box on the left in the Zen Cart Template
How to change Categories side box to read Cities
How to remove “New Products for “ from home page
How to Modify e-mail address used by form in contact us page in Zen Cart
Where is the Content from the main page in Zen Cart
To change the “Sales Message Goes Here” in Zen Cart
To remove the “Sales message goes here” text from the main banner of Zen Cart
To change default colour bars around header and side boxes in Zen Cart
Turn on additional languages in Zen Cart
To move a box from one side to the other in a Zen Cart Template
To turn on or off some of the boxes on a Zen Cart site

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