Motion-Activated Audio Player

A museum came to us with a request for a custom solution that would play an audio track when someone entered a room, or came within range of a particular item in the room. The solution we proposed was the Motion-Activated Audio Player.


Community Web Sites

Take your community on-line and maintain your privacy

Community organizations, property owners associations, clubs and teams all have the need to be able to communicate partly in public but often in private. Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media tools provide useful and ubiquitous solutions but at the cost of privacy. Even private messages in those systems are mined for personal data by the site owners

We offer an easy method to meet, share and communicate in an environment where you control what is public and what is private.


Business Web Presence

Make the Web work for your business

Whether you're establishing your business on the Web for the first time or need to expand your on-line presence, we can help you take the next steps.


Consulting Services

Leverage our 18 years of Product / Project Management experience

We can help you bringing new software products and services to market by filling in any gaps in your product management or project management resource team.


Marketing Services

We can help you with on-line or print marketing

Whether your marketing needs are on-line or in the more traditional areas of print, we can take your marketing from inception to completion. Our services include Google Analytics reporting and interpretation, AdWords campaign management, search engine optimization, corporate identity creation, and marketing collateral design and production.


Small Business Products

Your business might be small but your requirements may be just as demanding as much larger businesses. In our experience, we've found that there are often affordable solutions to technical problems that are ideally suited to small businesses. To make solving these problems easier, we're providing access to the recommended services or advice on choosing the right solution.


Home Backup Solutions

If you have digital photographs and digital movies, then you need an on-line backup solution. Memories of family and friends are not things that you want to risk losing. Many of us are storing all of our images and movies on our computers and very few of us have a system in place to make sure they're backed up. Even those that do have a backup method in place, may still be leaving too much risk of loss. Here's what you need to know about other storage solutions.