Business Web Presence

Make the Web work for your business

Whether you're establishing your business on the Web for the first time or need to expand your on-line presence, we can help you take the next steps.


We do everything you need to establish or expand your place on the Web.

  • Search, select and register an effective domain name for your Web site
  • Define Web site structure
  • Create an original Graphic design or modify a stock template to match your brand
  • Write, edit, illustrate Web site content
  • Implement a content management system (CMS) for your site
  • Provide Web site hosting
  • Set up and configure E-mail addresses
  • Create custom administrator documentation
  • Establish your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Provide on-going maintenance and support

We offer affordable solutions in predefined packages or fully customized solutions to suit any business. See our Web Packages to get started.


Full Content Management System

Keeping your Web site up-to-date doesn't require a designer or programmer. The Web sites we build have a full content management system (CMS) running the site so that non-technical users can update the site text, add pictures and video quickly and manage users easily.


Our Web site hosting is second to none and is optimised for hosting sites with a content management system. It is optimised for CMS sites and includes twice daily backups with 30 days of backup history available in the event that anything goes wrong with your site.


If you need to keep your customers up-to-date on special events or other scheduled events at your company, an integrated calendar on the Web site is a great way to keep them informed. The calendar is presented in various views (day, week, month) and can be summarized in lists of coming events as well. If your organization makes use of Google Calendars, you can synchronize the calendar of events on your site with your Google Calendar as well.

Email Accounts

To add to the professionalism of your company, we'll create e-mail accounts on your domain name. Email accounts can be accessed through IMAP or POP or through a Web interface.


Your site can be custom designed from the ground up or we can take existing stock templates and tweak them to match your company's branding.

Social Media

Everyone talks about social media but there's a lot more to it than just setting up a Facebook and Twitter account. What really matters is whether you can create content that your customers and partners will find interesting. We can help you with social media by assisting you in building your social media messages to have the most impact.


Blogging, or writing a Web log, often goes hand-in-hand with social media. The content from one is usually suitable for the other.

Email Management

Mailing list management can be integrated into your Web site and allows you to communicate effectively with your customers through e-mail. E-mail is still one of the most effective ways of reaching out to your customer with product announcements, special event invitations, and special offers, so having an efficient and effective method of managing the e-mail addresses and messages is critical to harnessing e-mail.

Google Map Your Location

One of the most frequently viewed pages on many Web sites is the page that shows the company's location. We integrate a Google Map into many sites which gives site visitors a familiar view of your business location and links to Google for more advanced features like getting directions.

Mobile Friendly

Most Web sites display on smart phones but a site that is designed specifically to accommodate mobile devices gives a much better experience. Rather than simply displaying the standard Web site scaled down to fit the phone's small screen, a mobile friendly site either rearranges the content blocks on screen to better fit the screen (Responsive design), or it delivers the site using a completely different template that is designed specifically for display on a mobile device (adaptive design). We can make sure your site is mobile friendly.

Photo Galleries

Many business that sell physical products have photos of their products or facilities that they want their potential customers to see. A photo gallery can often be the best method of showing off your photos.

Video Galleries

For businesses that have video information available, video can be made available through your Web site whether it is streaming from your server or from YouTube.

QR Code Generator and Display

Many businesses are harnessing the convenience of QR codes to allow people who are using smart-phones to get to a specific page quickly without having to type in a complicated URL.


An e-commerce solution allows your customers to purchase your products using their credit cards 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and deposit the money directly in your bank account. If you're ready to start selling your product or services on the Web, we can implement an e-commerce solution to meet your requirements. We work with several popular e-commerce systems and can deliver solutions using Zen Cart, Magento, OS Commerce, Shopify, Mals Ecommerce or PayPal Cart. The choice of solution depends on your requirements and budget.