Community Web Sites

Take your community on-line and maintain your privacy

Community organizations, property owners associations, clubs and teams all have the need to be able to communicate partly in public but often in private. Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media tools provide useful and ubiquitous solutions but at the cost of privacy. Even private messages in those systems are mined for personal data by the site owners

We offer an easy method to meet, share and communicate in an environment where you control what is public and what is private.


Meet, Share and Communicate in Private

Organizations large and small need the ability to meet, share and communicate effectively through the Web. While services like Facebook and Twitter offer easy and familiar methods for doing this, they are also largely public and the data is mined, used and sold by the companies that operate these services. We build sites that allow your members to engage in your community without selling off their privacy.

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Documents
  • Newsletters
  • Announcements
  • User comment areas
  • Special Event calendars
  • Mailing lists

Whatever your members need to share can be done through a community Web site.

Tailored Solutions

We build custom solutions with features tailored to your organization's requirements. A site can be as simple or full-featured as you require and can start with a basic feature set and expand with more functionality as your community grows accustomed to the site.

Private and Public Areas

Many communities have a public face and private areas that only members can see. Maintaining content for both audiences is easily done and you can have different categories of private information. For example, you can have information that all members can see and some information that only board members can see. You can also have content that is restricted to members of specific committees or clubs within your community.

Multiple Contributors to Site Content and Administration

Our community sites are built with a full content management system (CMS) which makes it easy for non-technical people to update and add content to the site. Organizations with a lot of content or larger organizations that have distributed responsibility for different types of content on the Web site can be accommodated with a community site from Bectin. Control over specific site functionality or content areas can be delegated to a specific group of users. This keeps roles and responsibilities on the site in line with people's functional roles in the organization. As an example, someone in charge of the membership drive for the organization would have the exclusive ability to update sections of the site pertaining to fund raising.

Select the Features tab on this page for the most popular features of community Web sites.



Full Content Management System

Keeping your Web site up-to-date doesn't require a designer or programmer. The Web sites we build have are run by a full content management system (CMS) so that non-technical users can update the site text, add pictures and video quickly, and manage users easily.

Calendar / Coming Events System

For organizations that have a schedule of events to maintain, our calendaring/coming events system makes it easy to track events and for members to stay informed. If you're already using Google Calendar to manage your schedule, the Web site's calendar system can also import and display those events.

Photo Galleries, Streaming Video

Photos and videos are an essential part of many on-line communities and they encourage people to visit the site. We provide facilities that allow your members to enjoy both types of media.

Article Comments

Few features engage a community as much as having the ability to comment on articles on a site. Community members can provide feedback and communicate with other members if you enable comments on articles. Comments can be posted live immediately or after approval by an administrator.

Mailing List Management

While a Web site can deliver a lot of information, it requires people to remember come and look at it. Sometimes, when you really want people to pay attention, you have to send them an e-mail. We provide a flexible e-mail management system that allows you to contact everyone or specific sub-groups within your community.

Integrate Other Social Media Sources

Facebook and Twitter may still be part of the overall Web presence for your organization. Our community sites can integrate those media streams into your site so that someone visiting your site will see all your organizations messages, regardless of where they originated.

On-line Forms

When you need to collect detailed information from your members, you can create custom, on-line forms for your members to complete. The responses are collected in a central location and can be viewed on-line or exported out to a spreadsheet.

Buy and Sell Classifieds

If your community has things they like to buy and sell, we offer a buy-and-sell classifieds system. Members can log into the site and create and maintain ads for whatever they have to sell. Ads can be posted immediately or after approval by an administrator.

Membership Registration and Payment System

Many organizations would like to be able to collect membership dues from their members on-line rather than having to do postal mailings and deal with collecting and depositing cheques. With our Membership management system, in conjunction with PayPal, members can easily log into the site and pay membership dues or make donations. Members also have full control over their contact information which increases the likelihood of the information being kept up-to-date.

Member Photo and Video Sharing

We can also provide facilities for a full photo and video sharing site. This may be prohibitive for a lot of organizations as videos take up a lot of disk space and use a lot of bandwidth but depending on your needs, a full media sharing facility is also possible.

Member Message Walls

Much like Facebook, your community can provide facilities for communicating directly with users within the community. If you want a more full-featured community environment, you can expand the features that you offer to your members to allow them to share and communicate with each other directly.

Document Attachments

When there is a need to distribute documents in a format other than a Web page (such as a PDF, Word document or Excel spreadsheet), your site can be configured with a facility that makes it easy for content authors to attach external files.

Custom Features

If there's something else you need from your site and you don't see it listed here, talk to us and we can likely propose a solution.


Our Web site hosting is second to none and is optimised for hosting sites with a content management system. It includes twice daily backups with 30 days of backup history available in the event that anything goes wrong with your site.