Consulting Services

Leverage our 18 years of Product / Project Management experience

We can help you bringing new software products and services to market by filling in any gaps in your product management or project management resource team.

If you're growing but aren't quite ready for a full time hire or need some extra help to get through a spike in work load, our consulting service may be just what you need. You can leverage our experience managing products and projects to make yours a success.

Project Management

We can help you take projects from start to completion.

If your challenge is:

  • launching a new product or service for your customers
  • developing new software

We can shepherd your project through its development life cycle.

We can help with:

  • Requirements capture and definition
  • Preliminary User Interface design
  • Cost estimation
  • Resource allocation and management
  • Timeline creation
  • Status reporting

Product Management

Product Definition and Positioning

Sometimes when you're running your own business, you get too close to your work to see it how your customers sees it. Bectin can provide an experienced, outside perspective to help you better define your product offerings and position them for the target markets you want to reach. A clear, concise product message translates into more business.