Small Business Products

Your business might be small but your requirements may be just as demanding as much larger businesses. In our experience, we've found that there are often affordable solutions to technical problems that are ideally suited to small businesses. To make solving these problems easier, we're providing access to the recommended services or advice on choosing the right solution.

Backup Solutions

Computers are everywhere and most businesses have at least one. Even if you just use a computer to store your quotes and write your invoices, you should be backing up your system on a regular basis. I know - you've heard this before. The reality is that everyone knows they should back up their data but hardly anyone does it regularly or properly. With current technologies, it's now possible to have an affordable, remote storage solution that is no hassle and highly reliable. For a detailed overview of the services offered by Bectin, see Backup Services.

Web Hosting Services

When you purchase one of our Web packages or custom site development services, we include hosting as part of the package. However, if you just want to purchase hosting services and do all the development yourself, or want to expand your hosting capabilities beyond what we included with your package, you can buy these services from our recommended affiliate Rochen. At Bectin, we use two hosting companies to provide services to our customers and we've tested out several services over the years, but Rochen is our preferred hosting solution that runs all of our client sites.

Domain Name Registration

When you're ready to begin your venture into the on-line world, you need a domain name to build your Web presence around. You can register through us a competitive prices. Just go to